25 09 2006

So he bought me groceries yersternoon. Nice of him. Yes, the word ‘nice’ suits him well.

Sometimes I wonder why people are treating me extra nice, extra special.

Yes, they treat me like flowers. Better than Miss Joaquim.

Though there are some who are still treating me like Vincent Van Gogh. No, not after he died. Before he died. But still there are more Mother Theresa going around stirring my life than mushroomhead Hitler.

Yes, many many BIG thank you to God.

If not for him, I will never see any better days for the rest of my life. 😐

— — —

I’m disturbed. Many men make eye contact with my tits more than yours truly.

— — —

Someone asked me if I am single now. 

Then I replied, “There’s no use asking”

He paused.

He then asked, ” But why? U’re attached now?”

And I said, ” Yes,  I am. Attached to my die-single status”

He paused again. Long pause. Next three minutes, he logged off.

Yay! 😀

— — —

It’s 5.39 am and the streets is quiet. Sometimes how I wish my day would stay like this until the end of moon and sun. Then I won’t be struggling facing difficulities when silence is near. But again, silence kill people sometimes. 😦

— — —

It’s Monday already. Guard me close, oh guardians.

I had my sahur hours ago. I feel like a giant balloon and I love it.

I hope, the gallon of water I drank minutes ago would be able to save me from certain crimes done by the burning sun.

— — —

Alrighty now. Time for me to run on wet grass then off to the no-scenery-bus-stop. Be well people. Smile more. It decorates.

Ps: Weather look so nice. I envy them.




4 responses

26 09 2006

i have always been envious of the weather. rain or shine. makes a perfect partner for me.

26 09 2006

Without you my lady, weather is nothing but permanant dull to not one but many oxygen consumer.

27 09 2006

Jimmy Rayman : Seeing good weather, pretty ones especially, makes me feel really nice. Now that’s makes my breathing feels good. Good comeback.
Fz : Rubbish. I think what u need now is a hobby that could make u less nonsense. Anyway thank u and have a very nice day.

29 09 2006

them who? no-scenery? sure got scenery one, just depends on the seen-ery.

how much is a gallon? really, i don’t know but sounds like a lot. giant water ballon? i love it! i love it! i love it! .. now what song is that?

just smile nong, it should attract enough guardians.)

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