27 02 2007

I escaped from my feet-on-heels dreams a wee bit early today. Why? dreamblisters and imaginarypain on my toes woke me up. Everything looked so vividly real. I can never tell them apart.

Right after I opened my eyes, I saw my hands holding close to my knees.

Time seems to run faster than I thought. I better get going now before time decided not to look sweet anymore.

Be well



1 08 2006

Today, I walked round and round a lot. Every big and small circles I made leads me to neck swaying either to the left or right, avoiding all flashes of bright lights that hurts the eyes, hands turns cold and feet turns white.

Why? Not know.

Maybe I’m not too sure about the stuffs I said all this while. Be it at work, home or alone. I am just not sure. When this happens, I walk around aimlessly. Sometimes for miles.


Maybe I am just getting worried for nothing. Even if my brain kept repeating that nothing is something, what is something when it is nothing? Sillybilly me.

Monday without worries, is not Monday at all.