Come back again on 2008!


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20 09 2006

hi.. u added me as a link to your blog? may i know who you are?

20 09 2006

Shahreil : Yes, I added u. Secretly. Sorry.

We’ve met twice. First in N.U.H (me with r.a.s.h.i.d). Second in Marina (me with r.a.s.h.i.d again). Is that giant mall by the esplanade called Marina Square? Entahlah. I’ve lived here for almost two-eight years but I’m still lost in this dragon’s pearl island.

21 09 2006

oh.. i remember you.. oh okay.. no worries then! was just wondering..

7 01 2007

Wah nong! can’t wait!
but I have added you in my flickr list… ekekeke

9 02 2007

oh NonG!!! kamu sudah di tag di tempurung ku!!! wahahahahaha….

23 02 2007

Rasso & Shawaliyah! Okroger that!

6 05 2012
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