29 11 2006

Choice is my only luxury

Today [insert name here please] said he wants to build life with me.

I don’t know what to say. Really.

Yes I feel high. Next a bye.

I really don’t know what to say. I feel as if my one and only heart has given up on me and has already walked far far away.

Even if i said yes, I don’t think it would last long.

Yes. I am always unlucky when comes to love. It’s always gone before I could grip it.


Maybe I should make more friends with trees than human.

Ps : Noriah jangan garu cikenpork tuh! Nanti bertanda.



31 10 2006

When : 31st, Octoberust 2006
Where : Coffee Table
Time : 10.18 pm

I have plenty of debts. That means I am still needed. Though debts makes my life less promising, but hey…



3 09 2006

“I object I object I object”  u said

And I still make peace.

“Love no more, Love no more, Love no more” u claimed

And I still kiss. 

Weird? Why should I? I don’t feel its weird. I feel its love. Though it’s one-hand-clapping love. I still adore.

For whatever things I said and I shared today may sounded like as if I had a good time. But I am not. I was just laughing to make silly things looks good. Not because it is really funny.

Ok there was one funny unforgetable scene. It’s about BB.

She drank and got high then fell and hitted the bushes. Poor bushes.

Apart from that, I was just watching shadow. My own shadow lying helplessly on thin grass. That’s all.

And why I am still here isn’t just about love. It’s about the ship we named it as ‘friend’.

I value all friendship. No matter how horror or nasty friendship gets, I would still push away all black-clouds and re-unite and re-build. Slowly forget the pain. Re-unite and re-build again.

I bet u know that too.

Oh what the hell! Iceman feels nothing.

All he know is freeze my heart, freeze my nasi lemak and freeze my everything.

Freeze my everything in style.

Merci Iceman


26 07 2006

It’s been a very tiring day for me. Oh no, not due to the endless list of houseworks. It’s the goddamn relationship that slowly shrinking things up. Turning my big-heart into something so shrinkable.

I don’t know how on earth am I going to stay this indifferent. Especially when everything is in grave situation. Everyday, I gradually keep convincing myself that only with patience and professionalism, good time would then come. Hopefully on time. Yo God, this is your part I’m telling ya!

It’s almost 1 am now and I am missing nobody.