26 09 2006

Few moons ago, an old spineless-friend called me spastic.

Why? Coz I looked like one. Or maybe she heard some rumours about my not-properly-developed brain from my unreliable brain surgeon. Hehe.

Am I angry. Yes, before. But I think its better to look spastic than being spineless-superficial biatch. No?

Oh well. Who cares.

What’s  important most is that, I rely on fruits, vegetables and fresh fish to grow and not her spineless and so-kosong body.

— — —

So what’s new? I didn’t fast today. 😦

Why? Stress.

I need cigarettes to work. To fully reassure my brain that everything’s gonna be alright,  I need nicotine, caffein and more more more nicotine.

Yes, I am a cigarette-addict. I should die of [insert terminal illness here] someday. Hehe

— — —

Work has been overly productive lately. Yes, what a darling. Without it I would have to spend my time by idling, watching trees sway and ciggy-smoke fly. 

Anyway, to be superbly honest with u, I’m totally in love with my job.

Though the trip to work by bus sometimes makes me feel lonely slow-motionly, as if I’ve been dumped by love for several times, but when I’m few bus-stops away from the building, I feel so GREAT!

But still, the trip to work still spoils my mood in millions.

Why? I hate sitting on buses. I hate to sit for an hour plus long, growing hips and thighs.

Stand? Standing is boring. I prefer moving back and forth in buses.

Hmmm, maybe I need to learn how to swim like a pro. Who knows, if my ezylink runs dry again, I could just swim to work instead of borrowing money from Smt. Hehe.

— — —

I’m left with eight dollars. Yes, nice number. Being a single-never-rich-queen of Alexandra’s building, I should feel lucky instead of sad. Heh.

— — —

It’s 10.49pm. Time for the queen to sleep.

I hope later on, I would be dreaming of heavy-plus-so-much-violent-petting with [insert name here] more than future. I need to wake up feeling light like feather. Not heavy. Hehe. 😀

Excellent night to all!




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