3 03 2007

She’s running.



1 03 2007

What : Still Pending
When :
5.47 pm and a few seconds

Oh Universe,

Why are u dressed in black and white? Is this entirely a dream or are u trying to draw me back into another miserable cycle dream? Try eating? Oh please try not to waste all my efforts, can u? U would only get me into trouble if u keep forcing me to eat. Go on, please tell me something, throw me anything! Spell me blood if u must. Blood flowing out through the nose or the mouth, anywhere! If u don’t, I wouldn’t have the strength to feel u if u continue hurting me like this. It’s disastrous, can’t u see? It’s disastrous chronic mental disease, can’t u feel? Whatever definition the fucking word pain is…

I am still in the mood to live!