31 10 2006

When : 31st, Octoberust 2006
Where : Bus 61
Time : 3 pm
Who : Foodseller’s kids

We are the lights

I am too obsessed with kids.
How I wish I could turn back time
And obtain super-happening happiness,
Not silence.

You are the light

When I was a kid,
I had always wished,
Someone would took my picture like this.
Like this.

No, you are the light.

Looking at her
Makes me want to push myself
Onto the mirror.
Into the mirror.

I want to give more

I wish that was me yesterday.
The kid who never drained
Never tired when tears surfaced.

U won't let me

I’ve failed being a kid.
Now I’m old.
But still, it’s never too late.

Not yet a lipglosskid

Perhaps I’m already late



29 10 2006


BOY : How do we keep love alive?
GIRL : Breathe
BOY : Just breathe?
BOY : Give me three months…
GIRL : U’ll be gone?


WOMEN : Some are lucky.
MAN : Some not.
WOMEN : We are not talking about moving in.
MAN : Yeah right.


HE : I am seriously growing tired of it.
SHE : I shouldn’t reveal about life…
SHE : About my life
HE : Thank God
HE : I don’t have to pretend anymore.


HE : I choose u.
SHE : I love u.
HE : I pick u.
SHE : I’m waiting to fall again


Everywhere gives me a glimpse of yersterday


25 10 2006


He’s Little Shn.

Without him, my drinking water tastes different. In fact, everything tastes different now.

Yes, he’s no longer with us.

Thanks to his oh-so-lazy-bones and some people’s red-eyes, they send him to suicidal site of late lunch and zero friday-prayers.


He’s my Darling Smt.

A friend who won’t leave me talking to the tree and lumpy mud alone.

Without him, blood in my veins won’t sing, head on my neck won’t dance and drum in my heart won’t beat.

I’ll be dead if he’s not here with me.


He’s Papa Slh.

To me, his name, suits the overall impression of a filial fisherman.

To feed all his three girls (and me) and his smiley wife, so five in total. He’d left home early in the morning and return late in sweat, with legs and hands full of red mosquito bites

In his hands, a plastic of fresh-fish for the family to eat.


He’s Brother Jhd. He’s there for everyone.

No matter where or when, dark and quiet the street is, for friendship’s sake and sometime for an extra liquidcash, he would kindly assist u, supply u and entertain u with his never-fail-to-make-me-smile snore.


He’s Uncle Dia.

Each time I watched him talk, I see short and long bitter swimming in his hazy eyes.

Bitter with choice but was asked to sleep and left to rot.


What he need is a wife to baby him around. Any takers?


10 10 2006

Serang Sale

Sale can be scary sometimes.

But with money,
Sale could be the few best things
That is happening to me in a while

Serang Muruku

This guy’s muruku-dalam-tin
Simply rocks the crowd.

Serang Melor


Looking at bananas
Reminds me of my virgin days.

Serang Gajah

Does anyone gives a fogging fog
If I hang myself like this

Serang Kueh

My guardian once told me,
“Too much of anything is never good for u…”

So very true.

Serang Bollywood

With these,
I can still look rare and pretty.
Ngeeh ngeeh Ngeeh 😀


8 10 2006


Petang semalam ku berjumpa dengan dua teman yang pernah ku rapat suatu ketika dahulu. Walaupon kami bukan teman sehobbi, aku amat senang sekali berkawan dengan mereka yang sudah ku anggap lebih daripada teman, yang kini sudah digelar sebagai daddy dan mummy kepada dua anak manis yang gemar memberi senyuman optimis kepada apa dan siapa yang ada di sekelilingnya.

Menonton mereka sekeluarga, menambat hatiku dan mata ku tak henti merenung. Sehingga dalam sedar tak sedar, mindaku berbisik-bisik, bertanyakan sama ada hadirnya ataupon tidak, hari ku seperti mereka suatu masa nanti.

Ya, hari yang berbentuk kapal penuh cinta, berlayar menentang deburan ombak samudera. Tidak gentar walau dihentam gelombang yang menguncang, akan ku buat seteko kopi, menyandar sambil membanyangkan gelombang ganas sedang menari. Memberi hiburan buat mereka yang sudah hilang senyuman. Langsai sudah, akan ku terus berlayar. Berlayar hingga tenggelamnya mentari ditelan laut, berlayar hingga ke hujung usia.

Aduh! Sesak jiwaku! 

Tidak! Aku tidak mahu semua ini! Semua ini sudah lama ku wafatkan. 

Cukup hujahmu wahai rembulan! Belah hati ku! Lihat bertapa indah nisannya! Lebih indah dari pelangi.

Biar. Biarkan sahaja aku, si penagih, tercicir. 

Who : Marie Wilson
What : Me Myself I

I sit here by myself and you know I love it
You know I dont want someone to come pay a visit
I wanna be by myself
I came in this world alone

Me myself I, me myself and I, just me myself I

I want to go to china and to see japan
Id like to sail the oceans before the seas run dry
I wanna go by myself
Ive just room enough for one

Me myself I, me myself and I, just me myself I

I wanna be a big shot and have ninety cars
I wanna have a boyfriend and a girl for laughs
But only on saturday
Six days to be alone

Me myself I, me myself and I, just me myself I

Dont wanna be the bad guy
Dont wanna make a soul cry
Its not that I love myself
I just dont want company

Except me myself I, me myself and I, just me myself I


8 10 2006


I turned to look
At u, at me, at our future family.


I don’t want perfection.
I want hype of affection.


I won’t demand an explanation.
Every perception, different definition.


People who care what’s stagnant
And what’s not are nothing but silly beings.


I only know what I like
When I say I like it.


This is
My first entry
Of real happy feelings.

Believe me
Or else I would walk away