31 07 2006

I’ve bought a bottle of susucapjunjung. And I have 2 ciggies left.

Today I’m grateful for susucapjunjung and 2 sticks of Marlboro Light.


29 07 2006

Monday is arriving soon. Brain is functioning disturbingly slow. Bubbly looking pills would soon ferry me another level of godotland. I love it when everything’s run on auto-pilot.

This week, I have a lot of stress going on in my life and I am not talking about it. Day in and out, I’ve been keeping myself busy by adding some sense to solutions. When none works, I try again. When tired, I sleep.

So there, that’s Monday.


28 07 2006

Weeks ago, a huge attention-seeker pimple grew one my forehead.

Bad attention that is. For weeks none sees me.


26 07 2006

It’s been a very tiring day for me. Oh no, not due to the endless list of houseworks. It’s the goddamn relationship that slowly shrinking things up. Turning my big-heart into something so shrinkable.

I don’t know how on earth am I going to stay this indifferent. Especially when everything is in grave situation. Everyday, I gradually keep convincing myself that only with patience and professionalism, good time would then come. Hopefully on time. Yo God, this is your part I’m telling ya!

It’s almost 1 am now and I am missing nobody.