25 02 2007

Oh Sea of Different Jars,

All I want is a man who would wonder why the universe is so goddamn special, why heaven have so much secrets, why hell is so hot, why metal can’t break like broken glass, why grasses could dance better than human, why gifts turn people into devils, why time is so mysteriously important, why god is one, why pretenders are interesting, why heroes have better options, why siblings are so different, why everyone’s the same, why love makes one refreshed, why couples get married to lie many big small lies, why people shy to die and etcetera…




1 02 2007

It’s February and I am still here, having so much difficulty sleeping.

Still facing the bright monitor, “cut and paste” my ears to the speaker, humming gently to Joni Mitchell’s tunes with a noisy tummy.

Thinking of some things fruitful; bottle of strawberry jam, sliced grapes and a very long cucumber for me to lick, nibble and suck the night away.


1 01 2007

New servings for good year please

What : Heartburn
When : Happy New Year
Why : Hell I don’t know
Time : 5.24 am

Finally I’ve thrown all my 2006’s calendars, love notes, love letters and all the junks I stuffed in my safe chest. 

Yes, I used to have a habit of keeping anything that a guy contributed to me, during my every first dates. And this includes mrt cards, restaurant receipts, soft drink bottles and also packets of already-used tissue papers too. Haha.

Though cleaning can be encouraging tiresome to many muscles and a tad depressive for the head, but hey I had fun.

I even smiled at the rubbish, one by one, while throwing them down the chute. I felt as though these rubbish are not just rubbish, but human.

Humans who were never good for my heart and lifeline. Haha.

After my drinking-in-front-of-the-monitor session is over, I would like to sit by my window with my zombified head, smoking sexily and wait for the sun to stare and stalk my super-shy shadow as long as it wishes and leave whenever it pleases.

Oklah people, it is time for me to flirt with the bottles and let the music in my head turn my world around. 

May all of u fucking stop the war and have a fucking good year!

Bye 2006!

Ps : Jens Lekman is coming to Singapore. I can’t wait. I hate to wait.


25 12 2006

Find me among the many

So today, I shut my brain, forget all the wicked scenes and brilliantly dragged my sister down to Vivo, to catch Charlotte’s Web.

After the movie ended, I smiled, she smiled. And yes. I am still smiling now. Why? The show reminds me of many people I meet, I greet and people who I see daily. The people who I would never forget and would welcome them always.

I even recommended it to two taxi-drivers! I know, like WTF. Haha.

Comrade Faizal just called. He wants me to join him for supper and drinking green-tea session.

Merry X’mas all

Ps : My cats are missing still. Can Santa tucked them into some-socks and bring them back to me, to me?


18 12 2006

twenty-two bucks on ciggies. Dumb.
two bucks on food. =(
six bucks on magicbullets. Yay!
two hours on Mellowdrone and Billy Joel. Yo!
two minutes on milkandonion. Whee!

Ok finished.

So now let me predict Wednesday’s lucky number : 4622

Oh wait! Don’t move. Not even a muscle.

If my predictions doesn’t work wonders, don’t blame me. I hate people who heart to blame me for every single stupid thing I say. Stupids!

Ok bye.

ps: my cats are still missing 😦


11 12 2006

Sayang, where art thou?

Where : Flooding Capsule
Time : 9.22 am

Boon-boon & Qiki, both ran away 😦


2 12 2006

When : 2nd December 2006 – 3.16 am
Where : Yahoo/Msn Messenger
What : It freaks the hell out of me
Why : I’m a paranoid freak

Leaving are always sad.

Whether leaving with silence or with words, actions or with inactions, leaving would always be the most excruciating pain for me.

Within these three days, I’ve already abandoned more than thirty people on Yahoo, three on Msn and eleven on land. What do I feel? Very sad but relieve.

I am so relieve cause I could at last choose to bid farewell to all the past conversations, past walks and past looks for the sake of better stumble, better falter, better sway, better twirl, better laugh, better luck and of course, a better LIFE!

With this, I hope somewhere, someday, I would be healed.

But for now, all I want is a good night sleep. Yes, just a simple good night sleep will do.

Oh god,

I know I’ve not been thinking much about u. But please oh please, come into my dream and grow some peace before u leave.

Yours always,