28 02 2007

What : I need wheels. I don’t mind even if it’s ugly
Why : I want to go for a ride and yes, I am ugly too
When : 9.03 pm failed to make me blush

Dear mirror on the wall,

Today’s afternoon, I saw my little dreamsindoubt walked out on me. The best part was, she didn’t say anything before she left. All I could see was she kept mum, long-sighs, feeling utterly disappointed, she then made up her mind, floating off to my cancerstick’s smoke, then poof she goes in thin air.

What’s left now is me. Just the oh-so-helpless, always-looking-bad me. Sitting here with the good ol’ moon, together we believe, true-good-people do exist elegantly somewhere.

Therefore my fellow comrades, do be prepare. For I could never guarantee any one of u that I could ever beg this feeling to stay in one and only same place for the longest time. This goes especially to clowns who fonds of freezing my heart then juggling magicpills and tumbling them down through my throat.

Sorry clowns, your final rounds of thrill and entertainment are over.

Instead of waiting a good but bitter friend to donate a good fuck to my one and only life and leave me screaming like a siren, I’d rather go back to where I once started. Talking to my reliable blood-pumping machine, with no lights on, then chase a cab, feel the wind, spend my solitary nights on the hill, squatting, making love to the moon and be a lesser stupid fool.

Before that, I need a tool. A tool to ease these strong pain.

Yes, I won’t give up. True friend, true love still standing. All I need to do is to stand together. With or without legs attached.

Be well to whoever u are




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