27 02 2007

I escaped from my feet-on-heels dreams a wee bit early today. Why? dreamblisters and imaginarypain on my toes woke me up. Everything looked so vividly real. I can never tell them apart.

Right after I opened my eyes, I saw my hands holding close to my knees.

Time seems to run faster than I thought. I better get going now before time decided not to look sweet anymore.

Be well




5 responses

27 02 2007

Fyi, I saw just now. Have u been dieting or what? U seem to have lost some pounds there.

27 02 2007

Fuck. Sigh. Bye.

28 02 2007
Cruz Who?

Lucid dream are real. and most people are phucking stupid.

28 02 2007

duhai cik nong! nice to see you back..im still travelling sin-kl..thru and fro..yada yada yada..goodday! 🙂

28 02 2007

Unlucky Cruz : Oh fool’s thoughts rush in. There’s no doubt about it.

Morakimo : Hey. Chop passport ajer kerja kau. Haha.

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