18 02 2007

What : Peace is a trick
Why : Not yet a trickster
When : 9.03 am

Oh universe,

Something is distracting me and I could even hear it whispering in my head. May I know, if this is reality? If it is, how and when am I going to bloom, if I continue like this? The day I’m doomed? After I planted a tomb in my room? Tell me.

At 2 am, I’ve been sitting, lying, tossing, rolling on my Josephine for hours till I could see everything, everywhere turned twisted, grey and cold. When I tried closing my eyes, lights in the eyes turned wild, till it drove my head to the middle of nowhere, to think of a plan, on how to shatter my null-skull without being rescued.

My grey-capsule is dripping silence. I could hear it and it freezes my feet.

The deeper I go, the more I have a need to leave. Breathe leave, it is. Like a corpse diving to the six feet underground.

Goodnight and Goodbye!




4 responses

18 02 2007

hey!!! you changed your url!!! 😀
glad to see you on line!!!

19 02 2007

Eddy : Yeah, thanks. Hehe.

19 02 2007

Sing !

21 02 2007

Igor : Stop getting jabs, let’s sing together. Happily every after!

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