1 01 2007

New servings for good year please

What : Heartburn
When : Happy New Year
Why : Hell I don’t know
Time : 5.24 am

Finally I’ve thrown all my 2006’s calendars, love notes, love letters and all the junks I stuffed in my safe chest. 

Yes, I used to have a habit of keeping anything that a guy contributed to me, during my every first dates. And this includes mrt cards, restaurant receipts, soft drink bottles and also packets of already-used tissue papers too. Haha.

Though cleaning can be encouraging tiresome to many muscles and a tad depressive for the head, but hey I had fun.

I even smiled at the rubbish, one by one, while throwing them down the chute. I felt as though these rubbish are not just rubbish, but human.

Humans who were never good for my heart and lifeline. Haha.

After my drinking-in-front-of-the-monitor session is over, I would like to sit by my window with my zombified head, smoking sexily and wait for the sun to stare and stalk my super-shy shadow as long as it wishes and leave whenever it pleases.

Oklah people, it is time for me to flirt with the bottles and let the music in my head turn my world around. 

May all of u fucking stop the war and have a fucking good year!

Bye 2006!

Ps : Jens Lekman is coming to Singapore. I can’t wait. I hate to wait.




12 responses

1 01 2007

happy new year!!

1 01 2007

Fariz : Thanks! U too.

2 01 2007

Miss Nong…
uhuhu.. my credit not enough to reply ur sms while i’m at Mileon (correct me if wrong spelling)… I’m enjoy my trip to Singapore.. really tired but felt satisfy got the photos I want… lalala

2 01 2007

Rasso : Adoi adek rasso. Mileon tuh apa? I’ve never heard of it. Please tell me where it is. Be well.

2 01 2007

jom tengok wak lekman.
nanti tiket habes dijual.

2 01 2007

Sarip : Hi gengster kampungdusun. Kau pon kepingin? Hah bagus. Mari pergi beli ticket sama-sama.

2 01 2007

hi milk,
welcome to joyful and peaceful 2007.

2 01 2007

Joy to da NonG, boys go gong gong!

May you usher in the new year with boundless love peace and happiness. Tar tar! catch u later..

2 01 2007

Sahrudin : Thank u! U too, be joy with all the upcoming toy!

Smt : Haha! Thanks. U too. Don’t forget to find a good bitch properly this time.

3 01 2007

Nong, the place called Merlion Park la.. hahaha

5 01 2007

Happy 2007 to you Nong!!! Hope this year will be a good one for you! 😉

Good idea to throw all those things away… but used tissue paper pun u simpan?!?! Eeeeeee u nie…!! 😀

6 01 2007

Rasso : Lah! Haha!

Tini : Thank u! U too.

Yeah. I am that semi-mental sentimentalist. Haha.

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