25 12 2006

Find me among the many

So today, I shut my brain, forget all the wicked scenes and brilliantly dragged my sister down to Vivo, to catch Charlotte’s Web.

After the movie ended, I smiled, she smiled. And yes. I am still smiling now. Why? The show reminds me of many people I meet, I greet and people who I see daily. The people who I would never forget and would welcome them always.

I even recommended it to two taxi-drivers! I know, like WTF. Haha.

Comrade Faizal just called. He wants me to join him for supper and drinking green-tea session.

Merry X’mas all

Ps : My cats are missing still. Can Santa tucked them into some-socks and bring them back to me, to me?




6 responses

26 12 2006
cruz who?

Huh… New Layout… How Chrismas-sy… Like the old one better though…

Hope yer find yer cats soon… santa is kindda overdue by now dont you think?

see ya around (yeah rite.)

28 12 2006

May the kitties be enjoying the hospitality of whoever is taking care of them now.

Merry melodies this holiday season!
Oh i prefer a dark background too, its easier for the eyes.

See you in a few hours, ciao

30 12 2006

keji nye… kat sini bulan 3 baru nak show..

31 12 2006

Cruz : Yeah. I’ve always wish to be as tall as a xmas tree. Thats why I am in the xmassy mood.

Bricks and Bunionsmt : I’ve always wish to be as tall as a xmas tree. Thats why I am in the xmassy mood. See u in three days time.

Fariz : Sana memang LEMBAB. oh btw, my birthday is coming. I would love to see u, sera and muna here. Please obey me. Hehe.

31 12 2006

kalau ada kesempatan, aku datang la..

1 01 2007

Fariz : Kesempatan selalu ada. Yang tiada hanya kau. Haha!

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