18 12 2006

twenty-two bucks on ciggies. Dumb.
two bucks on food. =(
six bucks on magicbullets. Yay!
two hours on Mellowdrone and Billy Joel. Yo!
two minutes on milkandonion. Whee!

Ok finished.

So now let me predict Wednesday’s lucky number : 4622

Oh wait! Don’t move. Not even a muscle.

If my predictions doesn’t work wonders, don’t blame me. I hate people who heart to blame me for every single stupid thing I say. Stupids!

Ok bye.

ps: my cats are still missing 😦




3 responses

18 12 2006

Today i spent countless dollars, as in i have stopped COUNTing cuz it will remind me that there will be LESS in my fast emptying coffers. Yes saving is an art i have long lost the talent for.P

19 12 2006
cruz who?

photo-scared ur camera shy cat maybe?

21 12 2006

Goofsmt : believe me, u need an accountant-blood sister/mother/wife.

Cruz : maybe they went for a holiday somewhere. and yeah, i need one too. if only i could download several holidays on limewire now. if only crappy thoughts could turn into reality. if only…

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