15 12 2006

I had a bad day today and it ended pretty badly. It all started when a question was not given an answer but a lame reason. Till it made me cried and cried of so unhappy tears.

And that is not the only thing.

I even cried over some fish in a tiffin, people’s weird behaviour and also some matters at work that fucked my heart and brain.

I am that vulnerable.

Nope, not promoting any pain here. It happened just like that. That Sudden. I suppose it’s due to ze bad start this morn. Explains why everything happened that. way. Oh well, temporary phase. That will pass.

Ps : My darling cats are missing still 😦




3 responses

15 12 2006

bad day huh? who’s playing the piano in dat pic?

15 12 2006

tuko layout lagik? hehehe rajin ah ko neh nong. hmmm, when can we do acara sembang2 through ym voice conference like d old days ek?

15 12 2006

huhu : itu lah jari jemari ayah saya.

moona :ah aku mmg rajin click sanasini.

entahlah wahai moona, aku pon dalam kedepan dan kebelakangan ini sering menyendiri. kalau kecik tubuhku, dah lama aku humban kan dalam peti ais. agar kelihatan segar, anggun dan menawan.

right menawan. macam setan!

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