11 12 2006


Where : Breathing Room
Why : Breathless
When : December 11th, 10.33 pm

Ok! I’m back (insane again).

Let me begin with the sky. Hmm, afternoon sky stung my eyes. Though I can’t see well, but I could still see. Like in the dreams. Meaningless.

Lunch? Just ciggies and two bottles of green tea. Yes, I had mundane lunch too.

After lunch I had a few conversations with the old-timer. Yeah, once again, yakketing about life. Yada yada yada, then back to life again. Next is work. Boo!

At 4pm, while I was walking to the lift, on my way up to the 38th floor, instantly I fell asleep. Yes, I am good at walking and sleeping at the same time. Maybe someday, when death-day comes, I could even bury my body myself too! Hell yeah!

Almost 5 pm, I was hoping for a phonecall. Or maybe several! Phonecalls from someone who might have seen my cats somewhere.

Yeah, I lost my darling cats yestermorn. And their disappearance is forcing me to sleep and sleep and sleep for a very super-dooper long time.

After 6pm, I felt drained. And cold. Very cold. And lifeless. 😦

Their disappearance is torturing me.

At 8pm, I’m home! Yes, at last I’m in the breathing room. Soon, our new friend name Xanax would join me. Not one but three of them. Whee!

So there my universe, that’s my Monday. The day where I saw many mirrors hanging around my eyes.

Goodnight Universe!




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