5 12 2006

What : Unidentified Flying Objects
Where : In my head
When : 5th December 2006 – 2 am

Weather is brilliant but my head is fucking sore. So is my throat. Been trying to rest well and imagine something nice, like a gigantic kiss or a free lunch with someone who I admire secretly but ended up with irritatingly bad memories.

Perhaps there is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH, huh? Hahahaha!

At 1 am, I’ve gained more and more flying earthlings. It causes my head to be oh-so-damn heavy and I don’t feel sexy anymore! It’s like a trip to hell, hell and more HELL!

Go get a doctor? No saving, no money and my one and only salary is still on hold. Why? Beats me!

Call a friend? Who? Smt?

He’s sleeping already! I bet he’s currently talking to songbirds in his dream right now. Haha!

Maybe I should go and download Superman and watch some Oprah Winfrey Show to power-up my tomorrows.


Wouldn’t it be nice if only I could download a friend and a few mugs of A&W Rootbeer just like how I downloaded Superman and Oprah? Ok crap. Haha!

Iyi Geceler!




2 responses

5 12 2006

Can u be kind and please answer my phonecall..

15 12 2006

Fz : Yes I am an evil-angel. Bye hell!

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