2 12 2006

When : 2nd December 2006 – 3.16 am
Where : Yahoo/Msn Messenger
What : It freaks the hell out of me
Why : I’m a paranoid freak

Leaving are always sad.

Whether leaving with silence or with words, actions or with inactions, leaving would always be the most excruciating pain for me.

Within these three days, I’ve already abandoned more than thirty people on Yahoo, three on Msn and eleven on land. What do I feel? Very sad but relieve.

I am so relieve cause I could at last choose to bid farewell to all the past conversations, past walks and past looks for the sake of better stumble, better falter, better sway, better twirl, better laugh, better luck and of course, a better LIFE!

With this, I hope somewhere, someday, I would be healed.

But for now, all I want is a good night sleep. Yes, just a simple good night sleep will do.

Oh god,

I know I’ve not been thinking much about u. But please oh please, come into my dream and grow some peace before u leave.

Yours always,




2 responses

12 12 2006

laaa nong, kamu tukar ym lagik? 😦 add me please. been missing you..

15 12 2006

Moona : Yes aku tukar. Aku add yang terdekat dan halal sahaja. Yang belom sunat pula, harus tengok mood aku dahulu. kalau mood aku baik, aku terima. kalau mood aku tak baik, akan aku sunatkan dia. salaam mesra dari saya.

love u moona

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