30 11 2006

Good friends are like good taxi drivers. Nobody can live without them.

Today, I decided to erase them one by one. Yay! I’ve dumped them all together with the phone into the same bin, within a day. So now, let me count how many reliable ones I’m left with after the major subtractions. Left with the few whom I could hop down the stairs with, play hand-shadows on the wall and get drunk in A&W all day long.

Soon, I will have none to leave.




2 responses

1 12 2006
heikal buncit kerana ketupat


add sy dalam reliable list tu…

i am reliable. and durable too. mcm duracell.

semalam hujan lebat di temasik kan?
i can see it from here.

2 12 2006

heikal : sorry.

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