27 11 2006

What : Just me and an ashtray
When : 27th November 2006 2.20 am
Why : Monsoon still here. Cold.


I can’t sleep.
I can’t fight.
The chill went in and say hello.
I can’t speak.

I need to seek help. But where? There? Again? Hell no! Once I’m there, doctors become god, nurses become goddess , pills becomes oxygen. And I would be stalked by these for the rest of my miserable life.

Life? I have a life? Oh? Yes, life full of falling tears. That’s my life. By day, I’m alive like a sun. By night, I’m a dew dangling on leaves. Waiting to crash and gone.

Sigh. I need friendly visitors. Visitor who need to waste time. Waste their time on me and my ashtray. Till my ashtray stopped glowing.





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