24 11 2006

What : I am oh-so-vulnerable
Why : Today is the tomorrow I’m worried about yesterday.
So : Was it worth it? Was it? Was it?

I ate my whole Friday by sleeping comfortably on wet pillow.

— — — —

In this life, nothing waits for me, and nobody waits either. If I stand still, waiting and waiting, I would still have to move someday. Why? Cause everything in this world moves. Yes, the whole universe, cosmos and galaxy moves.

If I ever stop somewhere, I would cause a jam. A bad jam, maybe.

Therefore, I’m moving. Slow but moving.

— — — —

It’s raining still. And I’m loving it! Para pap para!

— — — —

It’s almost eight and it’s very suffocating. I must go out. To where? Not know. Anywhere pleasant. Anywhere I could conceive peace and harmony.

Be well!




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