31 10 2006

When : 31st, Octoberust 2006
Where : Bus 61
Time : 3 pm
Who : Foodseller’s kids

We are the lights

I am too obsessed with kids.
How I wish I could turn back time
And obtain super-happening happiness,
Not silence.

You are the light

When I was a kid,
I had always wished,
Someone would took my picture like this.
Like this.

No, you are the light.

Looking at her
Makes me want to push myself
Onto the mirror.
Into the mirror.

I want to give more

I wish that was me yesterday.
The kid who never drained
Never tired when tears surfaced.

U won't let me

I’ve failed being a kid.
Now I’m old.
But still, it’s never too late.

Not yet a lipglosskid

Perhaps I’m already late




7 responses

31 10 2006

Allow me to be the 1st (or maybe the last) to say this…

Oh pretty pretty kids…
Your eyes are like pearls
If only together we could curl
Like sweet chocolate swirl

1 11 2006

excellent post and comments too! i believe that there is a kid in all of us. yeah it sounds cliche’ but the fact is its the truth. its just sometimes we forget how to be one, no matter what our age would be 😉

Cheers!!! 😀

1 11 2006


selamat hari raye to u

pictures look incredible as always

2 11 2006

Sweet lil things, them. Frankly i think we never look bad in photos when being a child. Hurray to all children, the future of our world.

Bless u all ppl!

3 11 2006

y gud 2b kids:
no need to think and study hard
play2..all the times
always look matter what u do

y wait? get ur own one la…hahaha

6 11 2006

I’m always amazed by your work. 🙂

8 11 2006

thanks. terima kaseh. itu sahaja

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