30 10 2006

When : Monday, 30th Octoberust 2006
Where : Capsule
Time : 11.51 pm

I was almost ruined. No, not about love or rejection, but about something I said, to someone whom I talked almost everyday today. A collegue who keeps Jesus in his heart.

It all started when I jokingly said, “I want to be a lesbian”

I know that I’m NEVER suited to be one. And there won’t be any woman who wants me. Hehe. And whatever shits I blurted out today was merely a joke. Anyway, who would believe my words? Me? A LESBIAN? Yeah right!

I can’t even take care of myself. How am I going to take care of another troublesome woman. Duh!

After hearing the magic word “lesbian”, my collegue’s mind started to float to somewhere dark.

“So u want to just have sex all day?”
“Like a hippie hah?!”

My mouth started throwing cannonballs,
“Well, Jesus do looked like a hippie to me”

Yes. How insensitive of me.

I thought it would be a nice gift for his Monday morning, but HELL NO!

The bomb ticked and eyes can’t stop staring at me. I didn’t hide nor run. I ended everything with a very insensitive smile instead of detonating the bomb or taking cover.

As if, god would side my words and kindly put a shelter on me somewhere.

I know talking, or worse, joking about religon can be a taboo sometimes, but still, I’ve failed to tame my mouth. I feel very dizzy and disgusted if I hold back too many words in the head.

Though calling Jesus a hippie is all due to his appearence, his hair, his dressing. So shabby and ropes (are those things around his waist called ropes?) dangling here and there. But doesn’t mean I said he looked like a hippie have to be a hippie! Right?

It’s his dressing, his appearance in movies and some painting. That’s all.

Of course, the damage is already done and there isn’t anything much I could do now except admitting my mistake and apologize.

In future, I better heed the old-timer’s advice, not be too honest when delivering jokes. Hold some for own head to laugh before someone decapitates my head. Hehe.

Ps : I am really sorry [insert name here please]. Very. And also to anyone who reads this. I’m sorry.

Oh wait! Can anyone tell me what “p.s” means? I used it umpteen times and I know nuts about it. Haha!

Yes, I am so bodoh and so anyhow kinda woman. And that’s a fact!

Bonne nuit globe!




6 responses

31 10 2006

hhmm….i cant say that i’ve done the same exact but i’ve gotten into hot water on such religious topic before. sometimes on my own religion too. well life is just like that i guess. some can read between the lines while others do take things at face value…

Cheers!!! 😀

31 10 2006

Baine : Islam, christian and god looked so love triangle to me. It’s nothing but a lame comedy. Hehe.

Anyway, biarlah mereka dengan labu-labunya.


31 10 2006

hoho… taboo but interesting!! walla~~

31 10 2006

Word History: Among the many discoveries of Captain James Cook was a linguistic one, the term taboo. In a journal entry from 1777, Cook says this word “has a very comprehensive meaning; but, in general, signifies that a thing is forbidden…. When any thing is forbidden to be eat, or made use of, they say, that it is taboo.” Cook was in the Friendly Islands (now Tonga) at the time, so even though similar words occur in other Polynesian languages, the form taboo from Tongan tabu is the one we have borrowed. The Tongans used tabu as an adjective. Cook, besides borrowing the word into English, also made it into a noun referring to the prohibition itself and a verb meaning “to make someone or something taboo.” From its origins in Polynesia the word taboo has traveled as widely as Cook himself and is now used throughout the English-speaking world.

something i discovered i thought might be interesting.)

Its impossible to please everyone but it was an honest mistake and you have apologised. It was a careless but very much forgivable mistake. We trip we fall and we be more careful next time. Just don’t stop walking, or we’ll miss out on the other fascinating sights and marvelous sounds just down the road.


31 10 2006

Samud : Taboo gives me freckles and pimples. Hehe. Salaam!

Ganga : Interesting!

I’m officially going-dumb-dumb now.

I am just a TV. A tube where everyone can’t help themselves watching me. But believing me, not a single one.

Ok depressed again.

1 11 2006

p.s. bukan maksudnya post script?

anyways, if u decide to be a lesbian, can i watch? sekali pon jadilah

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