29 10 2006

When : Sunday, Octoberust 29th 2006
Where : In the seed
Time : 12.05 am

I’m here again. My story has not ended yet.

Today’s evening, my so called uncle came with wifey and baby. They came but no one attended them. They were left alone, in the living room with a dead tube.

My sister was crying, at work. Dad was at the kitchen watching fish turned to trash, mom was in her room. So am I. Mom silently watching the tube, while me silently pulling my hair and slapping myself to sleep. Smt, silently doing nothing.

It’s painful. I can’t settle here. Never.

I should have bought myself a new green bedsheet than glasses and bowls for Syawal.

What the point of contributing when no one in the house respects Syawal and slaughtered Ramadhan? What’s the point of being nice when they could only give me a smile after trashing me hard?

Sigh. I’ve lost respect on them. For Syawal too. Except for my innocent darling sister and few kitties who made life lively.

Only they, deserve my respect to the max.




2 responses

29 10 2006

maybe…i’m beginning to understand but maybe i havent even begun to. take care ya 😉

Cheers!!! 😀

30 10 2006

Hi Baine!

Understanding is forbidden here. It betrays many.

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