27 10 2006

Today what I’ve realised is, the easiest things that make me live are the things that could kill me easily too. Hehe.

Guess I need not to think of suicide anymore then. No?

— — — —

Went to ToaPayoh Swimming Complex with Smt. It sucks. Why? It sucks to see Smt fail his test. If only I knew some lady-luck out there. If.

— — — —

I think, whoever gets too close to me would fall hard just like me. This includes all living things. All.

— — — —

There’s no more redbull cause there isn’t any liquid cash in my wallet now. Ok no. I still have sixteen dollars. But I need these till next month. To get my hardpack cigarettes. Hehe.

Maybe I could use my family’s Rootbeer to boost my Vodka tonight. Maybe.

— — — —

Ouch! Even the slightest things called dust, stung me.
Yes. Nothing love me.

Only nothing knows what love means.




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