22 10 2006

Not whole but half

I’m always worried for him.
I asked him to move his legs and his lips,
But he wants to rather freeze and drool,
And watch shadows move and gone.
Move and gone.

Only love alive

Despite the heavy weights on my shoulder.
She still puts her shoulder under mine and carry me inside.

And her old man too.


She’s so much younger than me
And she managed to take my place when I’m not around.

She’s the joy my sister needs
When I’m breathing in the mud.

Sunshine eyes

He never argues.
He never judges.
He’s here to eat biscuits,
To save and to play with paint,
To paint many heads with non-tainted scenes.

Spin wonderful thing

Without it,
I would be in sweat.
My bedsheet too.

Dance politely

I need these NOT to avoid being stranded or left out.
I need these to rest my brain.
Rest my brain.

— — — — — —

It have been such a wonderful Saturday. Smt came to visit and offered help to clean some mess, sister’s at home, enjoying her holiday by revisiting her diaries, dad’s at home watching the ceiling-fan spin, feel the wind till eyes goes watery. Hehe.

Sometimes, having them, the simple people to love,  turns hell into place of miracles. I need no pills to stop barking or to heal.

But still, I need “miracle water” to sleep. Everyday. Without it, my head would crack.

It’s almost two now. As soon as my drinking session’s over, I would like to freeze my head and not to move for the next ten hours.

Bonne nuit!




3 responses

22 10 2006

both smt and your sis seem like nice kids. does smt have a girlfriend? i’d like to introduce him to a few of my sweet cousin sisters sometime.D

i like simple people too. they only need simple joys and not so many toys.) And the world is truely their playground.

i wish you much more miracles to come, especially those small ones that many seem to overlook everyday.

ok boys and gals play nice at the playground!

Now i’ll leave you with these words from a favourite commercial, “what have you discovered today?”

23 10 2006

Love is you. My one and only you.

25 10 2006

Hello Smt : U? Gf? Haha! Go run to that bf of yours. Go!

Fz : You is fool.

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