2 10 2006

Good Dawn God! 🙂

I’ve struggled and I’ve rattled and I’ve been through the worst.

This October, I would like to be out of the shelll and start a new phase. Where old-sad-patterns slowly but methodically replaced with healthier scenes and lively me.

Oh god. Please grant me my wish. 

My heart yearns for peace.  I repeat. My dying heart yearns for peace.

Please, don’t distort me.

I do not wish to see my steam escape through many sins. Please let me be ease.


— — —

Good Noon God!

I’ve talked to the moon but the sun won’t listen. Why? 😦

— — —

Good sun-almost-setting, God!

Hello. It’s me again. *sad-hand waving at the sky* 

Yes, that very-harmless girl u’ve once created, before u bring down the book.

Remember me? No? Brilliant.

See, don’t just peep into my eyes. Read them. See my palms as well. U wrote them.

Please remember me. 

I need u to show me signs. Better signs. Signs that could make me weep in joy. Weep like a kid who saw movement of his neighbour’s toy.

— — —
Good moon, God.  

Yes. It’s me again. Guess what? I’ve faced it.

So do u remember me now? No again? Splendid.

See, not just the birds. Even the clouds are leaving me. 😦

Many thanks to u. I’m a half-rotten, half-knowledgeable big kid now. Yay.

In return, here’s a tune for u to sway, to dance with the ol’ graceful moon. Enjoy!

Ps : I shall dance too. Here in the doorless-shell made by u.

Who : Martha Wainwright
What : Far Away

Far away
In some lovely way I hear your call
Whatever happened to them all?
Whatever happened to us all?

I know that we’ve never met before
But that was then, and now I need you more
Is someone here keeping the score?
Is there only dying at your door?
Taking me down off this cross
Lay me down, down, down in the dust
Whoa, love, take my hand across the crowd
I have been digging underground
What’er remains is yet to be found
I have no children
I have no husband
I have no reason
To be alive
Oh, give me one

Green grass blades are all on fire
I own the crack that’s in the wind
From your window I see bars & the birds
They sing and they sing and they sing and they sing
And the dogs
They bark and they bark 
And they bark and they bark and they bark

Whatever happened to them all?
Whatever happened to us all?

Annie had two young baby boys
And Jimi went crazy, crazy, crazy late last fall




5 responses

2 10 2006

Goody goody, a tune to sway to. Martha, watch my gleuts.)

a sign for a sign, a picture for a picture, nothing is free unless you give it, really give it away. So i want to give away my thunderous roars emantating from my esophageal-tracheal caverns.D

i wish thee peseverance to bring you all the way up the red carpet of your goals my dear!

2 10 2006

If you’re sad, that makes two. 😦

2 10 2006

napa lama tak nampak online? *hug2*

3 10 2006

nong what happened to your leg?

4 10 2006

Goofyroofy : Thanks pal! Bye Ntsc.

Fz : Bye to u too!

Munasayang : I’m around. Lurking around like Lky. Haha!

Lutfi : Those legs are not mine. They belong to my darlingdaddy.

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