20 09 2006

So how’s my Wednesday?

No stars, no wind. In short, LONELY.

Yes, on my way to the bus-stop, I almost talked to my imaginary god on my dying-soon keitai. Lucky thing my friend, SMT, came to the rescue and accompanied me to Lakeside MRT then walked awesomely fast like bank-robbers all the way home.

What’s keitai? Handphones are called keitai in Nihonggo.

Sigh. I miss Japan many many.

I miss their eels, miss kicking flies and butterflies in Shinshu Gakkou, miss doing my laundry under dark skies, miss leaving home without locking my sliding windows and door and last but never the least, I miss my neighbour’s cute legs walking!

If only my bed could fly me and my darling cpu back to Nagano =(

Yes, ‘IF’ is one fucking adorable word.

— — —

Yesterday someone asked me, ” What’s so great about sitting alone on the top of K.e.n.t R.i.d.g.e’s H.i.l.l?

And so I answered her, ” Nothing.

She asked, ” Nothing? U sure? Crazy lah u!”

I replied, “No. I’m not crazy. I’m K.e.n.t. R.i.d.g.e’s furniture”

Next two minutes, she flicked her ciggy and left me all alone with her half-burned cigarette butt.

— — —

Tonight’s wish : I wished someone would fry me an egg and write me a beautiful yet crazy poem. =)

— — —

A while ago, I heard my neighbour scream. Maybe S.i.n.g.a.p.o.r.e I.d.o.l got her blind and high again. Sigh.

Myself, hardly screamed. My few last screams were, when my favourite so-cartoon-and-unhappening-lover left me, when I fell off the bus and watching fast-food adverts on TV.

— — —

What’s for dinner? Nothing.

I better start playing dead in my room before someone sticks a magnetic-thingy on refrigerator door that says, “BITCH IN KITCHEN” then ask me to fry mee goreng for him.

Ok Bye!




9 responses

21 09 2006

no stars? no celebrity gossip then.) no wind? at least you won’t be accused of flatulance, hee.D

ah imagination, lets you dream inside the dream you are already having. Keitai? my moto won’t hello so well no more.. haha

Burman wants to Japan too.=P

Kentridge, hm i wonder who’s Kent? one hill i would have loved to play soldier on, once upon a boy ago.

crazy? remember crazy is as crazy does mao.

careful what you wish for, too many eggs can clog your heart, too many poems too i think. But a bit should be good for secular beings like us, just like a lil red wine adds to a rosier bump da bump muscle.

s.c.r.e.a.m a dream!
ok lame, i know but i do get points for it rhymes, no?

hope it was a bunch of tasty scrumptous crunchy nothings. Mmm.. wait do they have legs? if so i’ll pass.)

how’s “BITCHIN IN KITCHEN”? ya another lame-o statement but mo points for the rhyme? no?
ok ok it might be the invisible yet irrepressible pulling forces of the bed to head. What do you know! another rhy..

21 09 2006

Goofoutofit : How are u Smt? Your comment look long happy. Is there something wrong with u? :p

Oh fartner! Clear that excessive gas not on the ladder. Please.

If your dark-looking-chipped-everywhere-keitai wear glasses, it would look like u , Smt. =))

What Japan? Tak dapek lah!

No. The queen is alive still. U can’t play soldier-soldier on my hill. HAHAHAHHAHAH!! Errr… Do u want to play ‘RISK’ on the 41st storey helicopter landing pad with me someday?

Crazy? *smile pathetically and nod*

I’m only asking for one. Just one. Ichiban! Sigh.

Whatever been said, it’s a prayer. That’s the reason why, after conversation, I keep hearing it, everything I said, in my head.

Scream a dream. Hmmm. What if scream a dream strip that soul away?

Pass? Why? I thought u eat everything that moves?

Ok it rhymes. Thanks heh! Thanks for polluting my brain.

21 09 2006

I know its my mistake. But where is that space of error u once promised me?

22 09 2006

Fz :I make mistakes too. Some ugly some pretty. But yesternite was one pretty mistake :-). it spin my life like poetry.

22 09 2006

Are u alright love? At home or office? Do call me at my hp. I’m waiting.

22 09 2006

I can fry u an egg and write you a tune… 😀

Japan must’ve been fun! If it made u happy, u should go there again… how about soul-searching on Mount Fuji [not sure lah, if u can climb that just like Kent Ridge]? 🙂

22 09 2006

Howdeydoo Hartini! Japan again? Hope she won’t. I don’t wish to be left for 8 months long (w/o any news from her) for the second time….Unless she ask me along though….Ngeeheheh

22 09 2006

Dearie, I am still at the workstation. Reading chart and waiting for call. That’s rite, your call. Are u joining me tonite? Pls do. I am sure this time around, u won’t be disappointed. Anyway I don’t know if u’re at home or pp. Wherever u are, pls call me at my hps or the office. I am so worried for u girl. Tell me if there is anything i can help to ease that heart and mind…..

22 09 2006

Fz : I’m N.O.N.G A.B.D, not Alright Love. Yes, at home. Waiting? Why wait when u can cut a cake?

Tins : Oh tins, u should see how I bounce in joy now. 😀

If only money comes out from the tap, sekarang jugak aku campak kain baju dalam plastik, then lari ke Changi.

Fz : Why workstation and not playstation? No life hah? Go out lah, snatch one delicate soul or two. Then put some colors, more movement and actions to life!

Whatever wherever station it is, see u tonight. By the black-yellow-road.

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