18 09 2006

Cool. My cats are sleeping. Next, I would see them fly. This makes me so jealous. Forever.

Yes, I can’t sleep. His perceptions still tiptoe around my mind. No. I am not inclined to his thoughts. His perception is never my reality. So, don’t worry.

Anyway, in three months time, on the eight, I would be turning twenty-eight. So my dear January, for old time sake, please don’t be as cold as last year’s skies.

I simply hate having sex with old-habits-die-hard man. Especially on my birthday. Enough said.

Sigh. This is so disturbing. There is absolutely nothing on the telly. I feel so rejected. I need more new DVDs. Any recommendations?

Purrfect. Here I am, relying on vodka and flying cows to shut my eyes. And there, the cats are sleeping still. Grrrr!

I need love.

Kind love from someone. Not just anyone.




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18 09 2006

I’m sorry if my words hunt u last nite. I mean well. If keeping close contact with that ex of yours make your day better. Just do whatever makes everyone (not u) happy. I will make sure to zip my lip and never to touch your personal life again. If that heartbreaker can’t be a friend accompany u for a drink, find me if u ever need one.

18 09 2006

Fz : It’s crumbling. Only u know why.

1. Define sorry

2. Yes, u’re mean. Well…!

3. I keep close contact with everything with legs. This includes my chair aka bed.

4. Whatever makes me happy, it can’t be that bad.

5. Yes zip it, fartner. PLEASE.

6. My personal life? U don’t even have the rights to touch me. =) Bleargh!

7. Even a rotten-heartbreaker need a friend.

8. Yes, I’m going for a drink. But I’m a candle-light drinker now. I don’t think u’re one of us.

9. Find u? Fuck u!

10. I need no one except closed windows and green curtains.

19 09 2006

😦 how could u

19 09 2006


get your gear dan menyeberang tambak…

ayuh berpesta (…hiburkan hati saya)

after 5 days of ber~travel + kerja~

amat letih ~
amat penat ~
malas nak bergerak jiwa dan perasaan ~ move me… snot snot…

19 09 2006

Hope u feel better soon *hugz*

Watch Beavis and Butthead Do America or something like that. Funny as hell! 🙂

20 09 2006

Got time for lunch and dinner today? 😦 i promise. No war.

20 09 2006

Fz : U’ve lost the essence, pal…

Heikal : Give me 3 years to lift my head towards the sky and seek god’s permission. Ok?

Tins!! : Thanks! *huggers*

Oh really? Get me that for my next birthday then! Hehe!

Be well!

Fz : I like stepping on hairy dick, ya know?

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