17 09 2006

Yesterday’s outing, delirante.

Not recommended for grown-up children who owns a pretty small belly. Yes, we ate a lot. And it’s so happening.

Before our eating-mission started, we laughed, talked, yakked, smiled and laughed again. Yes, so much laughter, so much sounds till no one could tell who is quietly grieving. 

When the food came, we shut our mouth, watched in awe and sniffed the dishes in silence. Next, our main facade dropped. Yes, mine too. It took me seven minutes to finish my first serving.And fifteen minutes for the second.

—  — —

Today’s evening, uncle crumbled my heart again. Good grief. He forbids me to eat twice. So there, I sat with happy eyes, listened to his meaningless anger and watched my hot rice evaporates till dry.

Hot or cold rice, both taste nice to me. But not dried ones.

— — —

A running-in-circles friend came. We talked about some people, few flights of stairs and watched Charlie Brown’s DVD whole evening together. Yes, his presence turns my Sunday into Funday.

Thanks friend.

— — —

I’m huge and hungry. The food outside is not letting me sleep. So sweet and nice of them. =)

I must finish them all before I say good-night.

— — —

Tonight’s weather makes me need a man. Where could I rent one? =)




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