16 09 2006

Dad is not home. Yes. He’s doing it again. That woman. That bed. That place. That’s his sole purpose in life. Make mistake. Redo mistakes and hide. Haha!

Mom still sucks. Fulfilling neighbour’s expectations than family’s. Yes, not a joy to watch. Doesn’t she feel so ‘impotent’ and useless for such actions?

My uncle. Gosh. The only so-called relative that could break my tears into twos. With nothing grand but words. Yes, his mouth a real killer. Thanks to my cowardice. I am still alive.

My sister is at work still. In pain and grief. Just like me. Maybe hers is deeper but mine is graver. Haha! But still, this pain is so important to us. It leave us marks.

Whooops! 1.18 pm and it’s rising! What about? I’ve a date with Starbuck’s coffee-makers. Yes, they made good coffee. I can’t resist. If this goes on, I might fall in love with one of them someday. Who knows? Haha!

Gotta run now! Talk more later. Be well!




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