10 09 2006

Last week’s work, less a bitch. Friends, some sticky and some prickly. Neighbours, still darn ignorant. Time, still money. In short, no changes. No crown, just frown

At times like these I would just spent my evening at the nearest shopping-mall. Watching escalators till it stopped and stare at kids who are in a hurry to grow up, to learn the truth and get screwed. Haha.

So it’s Sunday now. Hoorey.

I hope it would kick me good. I mean, a kick that could overwhelmed the tube a little and pushed all blood that running slowly in my veins. Perhaps a kick could improve the mood. My poor mood and everyone’s sour mood.

Oh wicked.

I can’t think now. I need sun. More than one if possible.





2 responses

12 09 2006

if work is a bitch, you need a leash.) Xtra virgin oil for the stickys and watr ballons for the pricklies. Time is fiction, i’ve heard, then money must be fiction too. Ok, no short change, still money. At least it is not a crown + frown, i’d think that would be worse.

Ah yes mall life.. i remember those days but i never wanted to grow up, still don’t.

I declare let Sundays be only Fundays!

You mean like a goal kick? i think the mood could improve the kick.. Sour and poor food is bad too;}

Becareful what you wish for, cuz one day one of your wishes may come true.. Restinoff not backinoff.D be weller

13 09 2006

Goof : If work is a bitch. I’m sure u would love it to pieces. NO?

Please grow. Grow big and strong.

Funday it is!

Sour food is fine still. Not sour-smelled throat.

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