10 09 2006

Pity u bitch. Your brain did it again.

Let me shed a few irresistable croc’s tears for u. =( Happy?

Before u go around banging and blaming me, your non-dna-related loved ones for your bad day again. I think what u need now is some lights for that brain and heart of yours.

Sunday is good. Except for my uncle that spells chaos.

I’ve worked hard. I need good results to look smart.

I have nothing to notice except my friend, Vodka. A friend that never fail to make me fly.





5 responses

10 09 2006

maybe you need a comfortable brain cap, my flurry lovin comrade.

for sundays that are good, your uncle should learn to spell a new word by now.

its good to work hard, and also smart right?

a friend you can always see through. fly my dear, maybe over the rainbow with the blue birds, and take lots of nice pictures.
Since i’m afraid of heights, i’ll “fly” underwater with the blue fish.) (yes goof can underwater swim!)

11 09 2006

You need a holiday with me hun. Not vodka or hardwork.

Dinner tonight? On?

11 09 2006

Great! U deleted my comment again!

13 09 2006

Goof :

Not just comfortable, but sound-proof too.

Maybe Sunday need to change it’s name.

What if it’a a NO?

U, blue afraid of heights? That explains why u’re blue.

Think blue. Act cool.

13 09 2006

Fz : Holidays? I need no holidays. I need money. Haha!

Nope, I didn’t.

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