4 09 2006

Today’s electricity went drunk again. Yes, blackout.

Weird. Things has been dying lately around me.

Not just my heart and liver, so is my camera, TV and rice cooker.

I wonder how serious it is.

Anyway, I woke up too early this morning. 4 am.

Woke up with weird tunes playing in my head. I think there’s more later. Especially when I got up the bus heading to work.

Oh well. No choice.

Go on, threaten me. Assault my head. I’ll just surrender and enjoy.

Today I hope I would face less trouble than yesterdays.

In the meantime, I just have to breathe smartly, so that my heart and lungs won’t be on the serious side.

Oh heart oh lungs, u’re the gems of my life now.

Please diss me no more and listen to me regardless the weather and number of ciggies that gonna crack and gamble u away. I would always be here designing something that less is annoying for u two. Please.

Almost 7 am now. I better go and save the day.

Be well now




3 responses

4 09 2006

Don’t think too much sayang. Wear that smile. Don’t waste that sweetness taste. See u tonight!

4 09 2006

Where did my comment go?

4 09 2006

Fz : Thanks friend. U too, wear that smile with me.

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