3 09 2006

Yesterday I had an undelightful evening that almost cause injury to the head.


Even how much I tried to sleep, snore and dream so much just to prevent my evening from blasting at me. Sadly, it didn’t obey me, the planner.

Yes, nothing else comes but frictions. And it all thanks to my big-unfiltered-mouth. (damn u mouth! damn u!)

Ok enough of that.

At midnight, I spent the whole seven hours at the full-of-mamat-and-sepet hill top garden with BB. Drinking.

Yes, just BB. Fun? I’m blessed to get connected to k/e/n/t/r/i/d/g/e and some regular faces there.

Almost niner now.

Better off to the kitchen, attend the ‘serious business’ before anything interrupts my peace.

More later. Be well.




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