26 08 2006

So what am I?

I’m lovable Malay, sometimes huggable Javanese.

I’ve curled my hair and it’s ugly.

Short ones says I’m tall, small people says I’m big.

I’m loud and introvert at the same time. I looked dumb when quietly observing.

I am very cynical.

I still believe that love should be forever.

I hearts Tori Amos, red glasses and pink lipstick everyday.

I wear a lots of colours till it leads me to the trouble of choosing.

I’m a late-comer when comes to work. Only God knows why.

I wear sport shoe everywhere. Even to my friend’s sister wedding.

I like fish than beef, vodka than fish. But I like photography more.

I like throwing stones than colorful pebbles.

I hate watching people fight. It makes my heart split.

I feel stir-crazy writting this coz I’m running out of time.

Ok enough. More tomorrow.




5 responses

29 08 2006

that is a pretty poem – can make into some song’s lyrics 🙂

29 08 2006

its hard to comprehend actually wat ur writing, but i do know its something beautiful though.

take care n get well soon. 🙂

29 08 2006

Hartini – Write and sing me a song. Any lyric, any melody, any song.

Eza – It tastes like skittles.

29 08 2006

i’m cold yet hot.
i’m soft yet hard.
i’m weak yet strong.
i’m poor yet rich.
i’m wise yet foolish.
i’m young yet old.
i’m living yet dying.
i’m here yet not here.

what am i?
ask me again when i’m bald.)

29 08 2006

Goofyduck : you’re leceh

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