22 08 2006

Since I’ve choose not to eat anything solid today, therefore I’m treating myself half a jug of home-made Oat Milk instead.

I know it may sound yucky to some. But having this for dinner is lucky than having just tap water, ok?

For those who wants to try making your own Oat Milk just like I did. Go snatch a pen and copy down these simple ingredients below onto your palm.

  • Four cups simple water (preferbly cold)
  • One ripe long banana
  • Two cups cooked oatmeal
  • One teaspoon vanilla
  • A pinch of salt (optional)
  • One Shiny Tall Glass (optional)
  • Blend all the above (except the tall glass) ingredients and best served chill.

    If it taste a little bland. Don’t cry, don’t grief. Just add sugar or honey, ok honey?

    Happy milking the oats!




    6 responses

    23 08 2006

    hmm….sounds yucky really but would give a try cos it contains oats and banana as that helps me to ‘visit’ the loo…hahaha!

    24 08 2006

    Lemme try this when i get back. Reading it already makes me salivate.. hehe

    24 08 2006

    can u make 1 for me, my dear? becos i wont last until that long to make out the recipe, let alone the mixing process. better to drink tap water than go thru all the process. keep it simple. keep life simple. :p

    24 08 2006

    Sis Kanuki : Don’t worry. Since its so rich in fibres, i bet it would drive u ‘there’ all day. Hehe.

    Rusty : Just do it – Nike

    Eza : I would if u’re here. Sadly, u’re there, several pantai(s) away from me. Btw, how’s Malaysia? Still hazy? Be well!

    29 08 2006

    sounds really healthy. does it taste like banana milkshake?

    29 08 2006

    Hartini – 20mg of banana miruku shaku.

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