19 08 2006

Nineteen days of August went by real quickly. All excitements of tears and joy turns a panting-like-dog mascara-girl into a kickass-curser. Haha!

Okay I know. It’s not lavish to be one.

But whatever it is, cursing makes me feel like a fine-defender. And with this ‘profession’, I have great heights of guts to acknowledge all my hidden guts.

Guts to to this, guts to do that, say this and that and guts to deal all tragedies.

Get my drift? No? Nevermind.

Let’s talk about the weather then.

Today’s sky makes want to hide behind those wall of clouds, watching the sun secretly till it disappears. Then peeped at the seven wonders of the world from above and get entertained by real-kids on the street sharing biscuits and water from home.

Sometimes, we not need any friends or money or anything to accomplish dreams legitimately.

Like myself, all I need is to imagine maximumly.

Though it sounded bullshit to many commoners. Nevermind the bullshits, its my fact.





One response

20 08 2006

dear dog-kickass-girl,

your drift just went pass my curb.P
me i’d rather be a cursor, but thats another tale for the fainthearted..

for those who love strange facts, question:
how high does the gut of the average human reach when fully stretched? i have no idea.

i think it takes more guts to take the simple jungle foot path than the myriad network of complex highways spiralling round the metal and glass towers in the city, eloborated with innumerable pulsating capsulised fires, that everyone else is speeding or crawling on in their humming armoured motorized carriages.

now i’ll leave you with a public health message: kids take care of your gut and it’ll take care of you.

walker, goofy ranger

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