18 08 2006

Just like any broken-hearted female, I too am sitting on tears. Listening to the voices in my heart on how to deal with my tomorrow. Tomorrow of feeling terribly low, tomorrow of drillling silence into head, tomorrow of quietness in capsule, tomorrow of facing a fulltime wanker, alarm at 4.30 am and tomorrow of make no mistake wherever I go whatever I do. 


I felt so triumph and looking almost pretty yesterday after hearing his plan of getting married in a mosque.

Few heavy-breaths later, dream bubbles burst, down the manhole our mosque goes.

It’s my past. Not him.

My horrific past couldn’t offer anything except for panic-attacks to both hearts till both souls could no longer keep in touch. Next, emotions turns rebellious.

I am sorry, heart. I was supposed to feed u but I end up sending u back to the past.

Really sorry.





2 responses

18 08 2006

You need Doc brown to help you bring back your heart from the past. or wait for our friend Doc soe to invent your very own time machine.

But seriously nong if you ever need one i can let you have one of my three hearts. maybe more in future. Accessories sold seperately.

Truely seriously, really, do the belly rub.]
Even though sadness comes easy, i believe you are a capable of shining through, just like that irepressible smile of mao.)

meantime take a look at your schedule for tomorrow:

0430 cook
0530 put
0630 hoot
0730 foot

let me know when u figure it out cuz i don’t.P

19 08 2006

thanks smt. nice having u around. really.
u’re like big glass of milk for my dizzy mornings.

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