10 08 2006

Totally rainless today. I waited for the rain to come for the whole damn day but nothing came except for small droplets of sweat of today’s hard work trickling down the surface of my face. Hehe.

Anyway, my dear childhood friend named Smt has a new netizen-friend. Yes, a lassie (a gift from heaven I suppose). A Myanmar lassie from Japan (Skype). I hope that by having her into his world would enable him to stop listening to senior-corner-radio-station, kick all his father’s books and push away all his mom’s meditation tapes (this list could go on u know..) and go on flirting with her till it gets him to somewhere special, where he could jump around all day long like mankey gets his banana. Haha!

Yes, I can’t wait for someone, a nicedown-to-earth lady to come into his life. Why?

Well, it’s his bad habits larh. I can’t stand it! And it’s not getting any lesser. *double yikes*. Ok I’m kidding.

For a nice guy like Smt, I think he deserve someone wonderful.

Ok enough of Smt.

The weather is good today. I mean tonight. Double good it gets when A/n/t/h/o/n/y/ and the J/o/h/n/s/o/n playing on my i/r/i/v/e/r player.

Yes, with all these, I could instantly relate to so many things. I am that… whats that word? Oh well, nevermind. I feeling so tired and looking so old now.

Got to go. Go obey my rules.

Goodnight Globe!




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