8 08 2006

Oh my hunnybunny God!

Why of all creations, U choose to interview me, test me and trash me?

Don’t U have any other ways or methods to be extra friendly or to show your love towards me? Why God? Why do U keep on robbing my ultra-strengths away?

Why God? Why?!

Yes, I had a small fight with myself and the light-rained sky last night. Reason?

For the silly-indeed-mistake I made (repeatedly), that is; instead of leaving my precious keys in my precious sling-bag, I  left my the whole bunch at home. Yes, I repeat, AT HOME.

And for that, I had no choice but to find peace outside the house, under two hours of extremely-light-rained-sky with zero shoulder for my screw-loose head to lean on.

I know, it is one sosillybilly mistake on a sosillybilly night.

Anyway, it’s not the end yet. I am still a certified (NYM) not-yet-mad earthling.

Whatever or whoever the sillyfuckbilly is, I MUST always support myself, in every possible way to learn to love mistakes so that I could grow into someone who could weave her own web beautifully.

I must, I must, I must!

Therefore, from this very August, I will never ever rely on my mom, dad, uncle or anyone in the entire universe (this include my husband-to-be) to help me to open the door. Vice-versa.

Not even the heaven’s door




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