5 08 2006

Yesterday I had an excellento productive evening with my darling boy.

We waited, we smiled, we walked, we talked, we laughed, we roamed through the mall, he then grabbed an orange-coloured top by Zara for yours truly and whacked few large-sized-paper-cups of cold green tea. Filling up our unproportionate tummys along Marina to Esplanade. While others, just sat, listened to love-athems and stared at gorgeoUS that draws attention.

Now, I am here in my capsule. (wish me mega-strength please) Sprinkling my throat with a good cuppa hot tea black. Drinking almost three cups in total. (no pastries included) Anyway, having only tea is already good enough. Really.

For some reason, tea acts like a booster sometimes.

In order for me to read something till body collapse and eyes collide to bedtime, I need tea to boost up the ambience and the silence my mind seek.

Ok let’s drop that.

Weather Forecast : Today’s sky looks rather messy. Scarry black dark clouds that’s hanging over my head is telling me heavy rains expected to pitterpatter the neighbourhood within the next twenty-four hours.

So sayang, if u want to roam dry today, hurry-up, let’s go booked a show or I’ll just stay at home suck hotdogs and chat with u on Msn instead.




2 responses

6 08 2006

let me add.. the pinching and the tickling. and the daging masak kicap. and the good advice. reaally appreciate it. so grab your baju kurung and sports shoes and i’ll grab my singlet, pants and hair gel. we’ll immortalise ourselves on print so that we could keep these good memories.

8 08 2006

yeah but before that, i think i need to get a new mouse first. 😦

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